Not a POWWOW Supporter? Read This!

Why aren’t you shopping Produce on Wheels With-Out Waste (POWWOW) yet? We are the only food bank in Arizona focused solely on rescuing and distributing fresh fruits and veggies. At our weekly Produce on Wheels markets you can come shop for up to 60lbs of fresh produce, all for a contribution of just $10 to support our work. Each week we have different varieties, all based on what we are able to rescue that week. Over the course of an entire season we typically have at least 40 different varieties of produce.

Your shopping at every market means not only do you take home up to 60lbs, but your $10 contribution supports in the rescue of over 350lbs of produce. This is a bit of what you’re missing out on by not shopping POWWOW. Check out our calendar to find a list of markets close to you. 

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