Produce Map: Find Your POWWOW Market

Ready to shop Produce on Wheels With-Out Waste? Come out and join us at any of our weekly markets where you’ll be able to shop for up to 60lbs of fresh, rescued produce. Every week we have a different set of markets in cities around Arizona, you can use this map here to see if there is a location close to you.

Remember to follow us on facebook. A list of varieties will be posted on Thursdays and a full shopping list will be posted on Fridays. If you want to find a traditional listing of this Saturday’s locations and times please visit our Produce Calendar.


Find Your Produce Market for Saturday

All monies raised through these community markets support our work as a food bank; every $10 you contribute allows us to rescue another 350lbs of produce for distribution to food banks in 23 other states.

Learn more about Produce Rescue.

5 thoughts on “Produce Map: Find Your POWWOW Market

  • As someone who is disabled in new to Tucson and without a car more importantly your locations are really spread far apart and hard to reach. There is no way I can even take a bus to where you’re at because one I can’t walk very far and too I can’t carry anything and three I cannot be in the Sun or heat. So being on disability and not getting any money for food stamps because of my income is really difficult. I cannot get to the food banks to get food which I so desperately need. There must be a better way…

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